Friday, 15 April 2011

Tutorial ateee

According to MedicineNet (2011), Assistive technology refers to devices that are designed to allow disabled people to function more easily in the world. 
So to my understanding a assistive device is something that has been modified to help a person with a disability to do tasks that they may not otherwise have done.

I have chosen to introduce a piece of equipment called a WII. 
The WII is a type of video game which allows people to play a number of different games such as bowls, tenis and golf in the comfort of your own home. The cost of this devise is $379.99 from Noel leemings. This device is the size of a large book. It has remote controls which allow you to play the games which fit easily in the hand. 
This piece of equipment increases the occupational capacity of a person for the user as they can do it in their own home and the games have different levels of physical requirement so for a person that has very low physical abilities they are still able to do some kind of movement and activity. 
Here is a video of what the WII can do.

MedicineNet, (2011). Definition of assistive technology. Retrieved on the 16.04.2011 from

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tutorial sevennn

This task I was to but links on my blog to 5 different blogs that had some kind of occupational relevance. These are positioned at the top left hand corner of my blog.

Task 4- Here is an example of record of a bloging post that I have had with a fellow occupational therapy student.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tutorial siiix

The three online communities that I have choosen from my topic animal therapy is riding for the disabled , dolphin therapy and pet therapy.

Riding for the disabled
The riding for the disabled site is all about premoting RDA in New Zealand. What RDA is, where they are and what they all about. So it is premoting RDA in New Zealand.
the site is a interactive site as the viewer is able to click on different links and go to different pages.
People have contributed to the site as there are stories of peoples experiences of their riding time. There are photos of people that do the RDA.
There is a link on the page that alows the public to donate money to the service.
Here is an example of a topics that are discussed on this web site

Emma has been riding at Tauranga RDA over the past year. She is very enthusiastic in attending the sessions and her progress has been astounding. Riding has improved Emma’s capability in following instructions; she is now able to follow more than one instruction at a time, without confusion.

An ethical issue that i think has been considered when making this website would be the persons identity. In the stories on this website the names of the people in the stories may be a factitious name. Or if they are not the name is only the first name of the person and not the whole name.

Dolphin therapy
This wedsite is also all about premoting what the dolphin therapy does, who it will be good for and where it is. It also has stories and pictures on the site allowing people to read about real stories of what has happened at this servies.
Here is a example of a topic that is discussed on this website.

“You mean so much to me because since I’m weak I never thought I would be able to swim with dolphins. I really appreciate that you let my dream come true, now I’m not just Holli; I’m even more a dolphin lover

An ethical issue that has something to do with this website is the photos. I think that this would have been considred when designing this website as photos on the site are a big part of it. The service would have had to get concent from the parents of the children on the camp to be able to put these up for the public to be able to see.

Pet therapy
Like the other two websites above this pet therapy website is another website that premotes what they do, where they do it and who it is for. It has a page which informs the reader of the process in which they will need to go through if they would like to be a member in this club to go with their dog and visit other people. It also has a page which educates people in how they can help as in sponsor a dog that is out and about in the community.
Here is a comment which is an overview of why this service is around.

Health research in New Zealand and overseas shows clearly that many people show great improvement in their health and attitude through interaction with visiting animals.   Many people benefit greatly from the natural affection that most dogs have for humans especially the elderly and unwell.

Ethical considerations for this site will be very similar to the other two sites as it also has photos. It also has a page in which has names and numbers of people involved in this service. These people will have needed to have given the website their consent for them to be able to publish their names and personal details.