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According to Webster (2011) “Ambience a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing.” My understanding of this quote is that the ambience of something is the way that it makes you feel and the atmosphere of what it is you are doing. For me in my activity of horse riding it the atmosphere is incredible. Every time I ride it is different. It may be at the same place but every time it is different. The weather may be different or the people whom I go with may be different which I really love. When riding along it’s just me and Bella. It is so soothing and relaxing that I could never ever get bored. The mood in which I am in or Bella is in is never the same either which is sometime very frighting as she is a very powerful animal, but it can also be very relaxing as she can be calm and relaxed which can be amazing to feel. The different places have a huge effect on the way that we feel when doing this activity as well, if we are in a busy environment with alot of other people it maybe more stressful for both Bell and i appose to riding through a bush alone where it is just her and I in our own little world.

Here are the 4 comments that I have places on other students blogs

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According to Crepeau ( 2003 ) Aesthetics is all about the way the person feels about the activity and the way the person can express a sense of beauty. Crepeau ( 2003 ) also states that all activities have "the potential to express and enhance the sense of beauty". With my understanding of these quotes I am able to understand what Aesthetics is and link it in with my activity. I feel that everything about horse riding is beautiful. The way they run and the way that I feel when I am on the back of such a powerful animal.

 I love the sound of their feet pounding on the ground, the way their sweet sweat smells mixed with the fresh air and fresh grass that is around us. These feeling never get old they just get stronger and stronger each time on get on her.  I love the way it feels with both Bella and I are as one running off up a hill or walk through the river. She has her own personality and loves to be in water, I love that I can see how much she enjoys being in the water after a long run I allow her to spend time in a place that she loves so much. Every time we go riding it is different there are different smells, different colour, different landscapes and every time different mood that either Bella or I are in.

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Work and Labour

In class today we went over the difference between work and labour. According to Arendt (1958) "Labour consists of those things that we do in order to subsist, they have to be done whether we like it or not". From this quote I understand labour as being the activities that need to be done whether we like it or not. The labour that I believe involved with my activity is brushing Bella and cleaning out her feet before we can go out for a ride. When I’m doing these tasks I feel that I am a carer, I am taking responsibility and looking out for my horse, making sure she doesn’t injure herself. I really dont enjoy doing these activities, for me I need to do these but I really dont want to. I need this activity as without it I wouldn’t be able to ride Bella as she could get rashes and stone bruises on her feet. If I didn’t have to do this activity I would enjoy going out for a ride more as doing these things beforehand reduces my motivation to do my activity. 
Arendt (1958) states that "Work is the activity which corresponds to the unnaturalness of human existence". My understanding of this quote meaning that I don't need to ride my horse to survive, I only do it because I enjoy it. When riding I feel like an adventurer when I ride. Like a little girl with no worries in the world. I feel that horse riding for me is work as i choose to do it not get made to do it. If looking at needing to do this activity for me it is because I enjoy it so much that I love to do it. I need this activity in my life as I feel it is a way to relieve stress and get away from the world.

Arendt, H. (1958).  The human condition.  Chicago: Chicago University Press

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According to Caulton and Dickson (2007) Ergonomics underpins the ability to “constantly make slight invisible adjustments to an activity to adapt to the needs of those taking part and ensure that it continues to work for its intended purpose”
To my understanding ergonomics is about the person’s environment and the way that it is set up to increase to person’s productivity and quality of their work.
According to American Occupational therapy association, Inc. (2004) having good ergonomics can help with preventing injuries and it "promotes health, safety, and comfort for employees."
When going to ride Bella there are quite a few things that apply to me and her that would fit under the title of ergonomics. A lot of the things I do, I do to keep both me and her comfortable and safe when out together.

A comfortable saddle is only one thing that important for both me and Bella. It affects both of our postures and is specially designed to increase our productivity and quality of our ride and time together. Also on the saddle it is quite important for the stirrups to be at the right height for my legs which reduces the strain on my legs. This allows for me to be able to sit comfortably on the saddle which Bella can feel when we are riding together.

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According to Christiansen & Townsend (2004) Affordance was originated by a man by the name of J.J Gibson. He describes affordance as the “actionable properties between the world and a person (or animal).” Christiansen & Townsend (2004) also states that affordance is “represented a relationship that is part of nature. They do not have to be visible, known or desirable and may yet remain undiscovered”.

In class we talked about the communications, connections and the ethics to do with our chosen activity. All of these things are not actually visible. 
As mine activity is horse riding there are a number of different things in each of these categories but today I have chosen to talk about.


Communication can be either verbal or non-verbal (Hagedorn, 2000). When engaging in horse riding I am communication to my horse both verbally and non-verbally. When riding I am constantly talking to my horse, saying wooo or get up or even praising her on her work. I am even sad to say that I am talking to her negatively when she is being naughty. Bella and I have a kind of bond that is full of trust and respect.
Bella and I communicate non-verbally as well. When I am wanting her to walk I will lightly kick her up with my heels and then when I am wanting her to move into the next gate I will kick her up again and she know what I mean, I also use reins that are in Bella’s mouth and I pull them back to make her slow down which is also non-verbal.

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Semester twoooo

For this semester we needed to choose an activity that we would base our semesters on for our participation in occupation class. I have decided to choose horse riding for my activity as I really enjoy it and feel that it can have a real OT relevance.

I have been brought up around horses my whole life, it has always only been just a casual thing as I would just ride them around the house and garden with no saddle. Even if i wasn't riding I would go out into their paddock and brush them or clean out their hoof and just spend time being around them as they are such amazing animals.

When looking at occupational therapy and horse riding i feel that there is some really good links as horse riding is quite a therapeutic activity to be involved in. When sitting on a horse they are the only animal that moves the human body in the same way as it would move when a person is walking. Because of the companionship and trust between the riders it can teach people so much. Horse riding may also give people something to really look forward to in their weeks.

Practical considerations
  • A horse
  • Saddle(optional)
  • Bridal (optional)
  • Shoes
  • Pants

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According to MedicineNet (2011), Assistive technology refers to devices that are designed to allow disabled people to function more easily in the world. 
So to my understanding a assistive device is something that has been modified to help a person with a disability to do tasks that they may not otherwise have done.

I have chosen to introduce a piece of equipment called a WII. 
The WII is a type of video game which allows people to play a number of different games such as bowls, tenis and golf in the comfort of your own home. The cost of this devise is $379.99 from Noel leemings. This device is the size of a large book. It has remote controls which allow you to play the games which fit easily in the hand. 
This piece of equipment increases the occupational capacity of a person for the user as they can do it in their own home and the games have different levels of physical requirement so for a person that has very low physical abilities they are still able to do some kind of movement and activity. 
Here is a video of what the WII can do.

MedicineNet, (2011). Definition of assistive technology. Retrieved on the 16.04.2011 from

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Tutorial sevennn

This task I was to but links on my blog to 5 different blogs that had some kind of occupational relevance. These are positioned at the top left hand corner of my blog.

Task 4- Here is an example of record of a bloging post that I have had with a fellow occupational therapy student.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tutorial siiix

The three online communities that I have choosen from my topic animal therapy is riding for the disabled , dolphin therapy and pet therapy.

Riding for the disabled
The riding for the disabled site is all about premoting RDA in New Zealand. What RDA is, where they are and what they all about. So it is premoting RDA in New Zealand.
the site is a interactive site as the viewer is able to click on different links and go to different pages.
People have contributed to the site as there are stories of peoples experiences of their riding time. There are photos of people that do the RDA.
There is a link on the page that alows the public to donate money to the service.
Here is an example of a topics that are discussed on this web site

Emma has been riding at Tauranga RDA over the past year. She is very enthusiastic in attending the sessions and her progress has been astounding. Riding has improved Emma’s capability in following instructions; she is now able to follow more than one instruction at a time, without confusion.

An ethical issue that i think has been considered when making this website would be the persons identity. In the stories on this website the names of the people in the stories may be a factitious name. Or if they are not the name is only the first name of the person and not the whole name.

Dolphin therapy
This wedsite is also all about premoting what the dolphin therapy does, who it will be good for and where it is. It also has stories and pictures on the site allowing people to read about real stories of what has happened at this servies.
Here is a example of a topic that is discussed on this website.

“You mean so much to me because since I’m weak I never thought I would be able to swim with dolphins. I really appreciate that you let my dream come true, now I’m not just Holli; I’m even more a dolphin lover

An ethical issue that has something to do with this website is the photos. I think that this would have been considred when designing this website as photos on the site are a big part of it. The service would have had to get concent from the parents of the children on the camp to be able to put these up for the public to be able to see.

Pet therapy
Like the other two websites above this pet therapy website is another website that premotes what they do, where they do it and who it is for. It has a page which informs the reader of the process in which they will need to go through if they would like to be a member in this club to go with their dog and visit other people. It also has a page which educates people in how they can help as in sponsor a dog that is out and about in the community.
Here is a comment which is an overview of why this service is around.

Health research in New Zealand and overseas shows clearly that many people show great improvement in their health and attitude through interaction with visiting animals.   Many people benefit greatly from the natural affection that most dogs have for humans especially the elderly and unwell.

Ethical considerations for this site will be very similar to the other two sites as it also has photos. It also has a page in which has names and numbers of people involved in this service. These people will have needed to have given the website their consent for them to be able to publish their names and personal details.

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Tutorial Fiveeee

Youtube is a video hosting and sharing service. It lets users view and upload videos. It also lets users rate and add coments on the videos and then alsoo subscribe to thier favorite producers.

These 5 vidoes below are all about riding for the disabled and the effects and outcomes that these animals have on people with a number of disabilities.

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Tutorial Four

As a group of 5 from our participation in occupation class we choose a letter from the alphabet and thought of things around us that can represent this letter. We came up with a few and then practiced them out and then rocorded them with a video camera. We came back into class and then using the windows live movie maker we edited out what we didnt want and then posted it onto our blogs =)

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Tutorial 2

On the internet you may find Blogs. These blogs are other people that they make to share and record different things. In this class we are making blogs which are recording our progress and understanding of the content that is covered in our classes.
On the internet you also find Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site which is also another form of sharing information. This information may include photos, videos or messaging. This is where people may post things on other people’s profiles or even just upload photos on their own profile for others to visit that persons profile and view them.
YouTube is a site that allows everyone all over the world to upload and to view videos of all kinds of things. It is free to have an account but it is not necessary to be able to view the videos.
‘A new technology is rarely superior to an old one in every feature’
When relating this statement to digital camera technology it is all different. With cameras for instance years ago they would take the photo and that was it. It would be put onto the negative and then printed off. With digital cameras today you can put it on the computer and play around with it, you can edit it on the camera and even delete the ones that you don’t want right there and then. But when you compare the different quality of the photo a lot of people might stick with the older methods of photography in the dark rooms for instance.
Ethical issues that arise from capturing and distribution images could be privacy, so what you take the photo of. A photo might be taken of a person who does not want to be taken photos of which would invade their privacy. Another issue is ownership, so ownership of the photo for instance you couldn’t get a photo of the internet and then claim it as your own that would be stealing. You wouldn’t steal a TV, stealing a photo off the person who took it could be just as wrong.
Digital images are being used in a number of different occupational therapist practice. Such as housing modifications, the occupational therapist may want to take photos of what they may be modifying and take them back to the office to look over while planning the modification. Also photos of clients. On my placement an occupational therapist took photos of a boy in a hoist as he sat in it to see his posture and to work with him to design another hoist to improve his posture. Occupational therapists also may use videos to video client sessions to then review at a later date to maybe look at the progress that the client has undertaken. Also wee is becoming popular as a type of therapy that might be used and that is all to do with cameras and videos. 

Tutorial 1

My first posting focuses on information technology and ethical issues.
The definition I found for information technology
According to Princeton University (2011), information technology is the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information.
So in my own words I understand information technology to be work to do with things to do with technology such as such as computers and technical gadgets. This would cover things like cameras, phones, internet and things like that.
Today information technology is extremely important as our whole society revolves around it. Everyday majority of people come into contact with many types of information technology. A high number of people have an account with many different social networking sites such as Facebook , Flickr and blogger. Other websites such as you tube which allows you to view and post up videos. Also there are a number of search engines which allows a person to search the internet by using key words. Google is a very popular search engine.

The information technology devices I feel comfortable and competent using are my computer, internet, mobile phone, PlayStation and camera. I feel competent with these because I know how to use them as I have been using these different devices for a long time. Things that limit my use of IT would be that I am not very good at setting new things up. Such as different cords with TV’s and surround sounds and things like that because I don’t really understand them.
IT is being used in occupational therapy practice as a type of treatment tool or an enabling agent. The internet is considered as a virtual environment in which the person can engage in occupations like they can do their shopping on line such as doing their grocery shopping online and then having it delivered to their home. The internet is also used as the client is able to do desired research on the conditions that they may have. Also other things used in occupational therapy is wee and other play station games. Wee is a game that the client can get up and move to which is a healthy way of getting in some exercise for the client. Also OT’s use a driving simulator to assess people who go in for driving assessments to see if they will be safe on the road or not.
Issues that exist around occupational therapists using IT in their therapy is that there is a need to be aware of different dangers when working with clients. There can be negative effects, there have been aggression and addiction associated with computer gaming. Also there is a lot of information on the internet and this information can be dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. Such as a client with anorexia may Google it and find out other different methods of ways to stay skinny it may be quite dangerous for them.
As mentioned in the start of this section the different ways of using IT in occupational therapy practice I think that this will only get more and more intense as in the IT will become more of a common thing in day to day life and that it will be developed into different types of therapy with the things developed being more meaningful towards different clients with their different disabilities.
I think that IT will help us in our OT practice as it is such a huge part of our lives today that it will only grow bigger and better as time goes on.
Ethical issues that may arise from capturing, sharing and transferring of information via IT. The information that is transferred may not be safe from hackers and other people that may see it that don’t have permission to see it. Stalkers are quite common and sometimes I don’t really feel safe putting something up such as pictures on the internet in fear of who might see them. Also when other people put photos up of other people and that person might not have given them permission to put the photos up. So the privacy for the person in the photo has not been taken into account. Another ethical issue is the ownership of these photos so who they belong to.
According to Wikipedia (2011), Intellectual property is a term referring to a number of distinct types of creations of the mind for which a set of exclusive rights are recognized—and the corresponding fields of law. In my own words I understand this to be when people have the right to sharing what they want to share. An example when relating it to occupational therapy is when you APA reference things that you find in book or on the internet it is other people’s words and so APA says that this informs people that the work was from someone else. It also links into copyright and the owner ship of things.
According to Wikipedia (2011), social justice is refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity. So in my own words I think this means the social norms that are accepted into society all being treated equally no matter how rich, poor or disabled that person may be. So with occupational therapy it may be that people with a lack of social justice are the people that aren’t accepted into society maybe because they have impairments or a disability.
According to Wikipedia (2011), Informed consent is a phrase often used in law to indicate that the consent a person gives meets certain minimum standards. An informed consent can be said to have been given based upon a clear appreciation and understanding of the facts, implications, and future consequences of an action. So it means that there are things that a person’s needs to get permission to do. In occupational therapy this may refer to when a therapist needs consent to take photos in a client’s home. The therapist needs to make the client fully aware of the situation and its only when the client says yes that the occupational therapist can go ahead and do it.

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So I have just created my very first blog and its been a mission =) !
My posts are now going to consist of the information collected from each tutorial for my class participatation in occupation. keep an eye out..