Friday, 15 April 2011

Tutorial ateee

According to MedicineNet (2011), Assistive technology refers to devices that are designed to allow disabled people to function more easily in the world. 
So to my understanding a assistive device is something that has been modified to help a person with a disability to do tasks that they may not otherwise have done.

I have chosen to introduce a piece of equipment called a WII. 
The WII is a type of video game which allows people to play a number of different games such as bowls, tenis and golf in the comfort of your own home. The cost of this devise is $379.99 from Noel leemings. This device is the size of a large book. It has remote controls which allow you to play the games which fit easily in the hand. 
This piece of equipment increases the occupational capacity of a person for the user as they can do it in their own home and the games have different levels of physical requirement so for a person that has very low physical abilities they are still able to do some kind of movement and activity. 
Here is a video of what the WII can do.

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