Sunday, 16 October 2011

Post ffiveee


According to Crepeau ( 2003 ) Aesthetics is all about the way the person feels about the activity and the way the person can express a sense of beauty. Crepeau ( 2003 ) also states that all activities have "the potential to express and enhance the sense of beauty". With my understanding of these quotes I am able to understand what Aesthetics is and link it in with my activity. I feel that everything about horse riding is beautiful. The way they run and the way that I feel when I am on the back of such a powerful animal.

 I love the sound of their feet pounding on the ground, the way their sweet sweat smells mixed with the fresh air and fresh grass that is around us. These feeling never get old they just get stronger and stronger each time on get on her.  I love the way it feels with both Bella and I are as one running off up a hill or walk through the river. She has her own personality and loves to be in water, I love that I can see how much she enjoys being in the water after a long run I allow her to spend time in a place that she loves so much. Every time we go riding it is different there are different smells, different colour, different landscapes and every time different mood that either Bella or I are in.

Caulton, R. & Dickson, R. (2007). What’s going on? Finding an explanation for what we do. In J. Creek & A. Lawson-Porter (Eds.), Contemporary issues in occupational therapy (pp. 87-114). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


  1. Hi Kate, in reading about the beauty you feel when riding a horse it really sets me in the scene of the smells, sounds, and feeling I feel when I am riding a horse. A great read!

  2. Hi Kate, like Paula I loved reading your description of the 'ambience' you recieve when riding your horse. It is clear through your blog that riding your horse is a very meaningful occupation to you.