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According to Caulton and Dickson (2007) Ergonomics underpins the ability to “constantly make slight invisible adjustments to an activity to adapt to the needs of those taking part and ensure that it continues to work for its intended purpose”
To my understanding ergonomics is about the person’s environment and the way that it is set up to increase to person’s productivity and quality of their work.
According to American Occupational therapy association, Inc. (2004) having good ergonomics can help with preventing injuries and it "promotes health, safety, and comfort for employees."
When going to ride Bella there are quite a few things that apply to me and her that would fit under the title of ergonomics. A lot of the things I do, I do to keep both me and her comfortable and safe when out together.

A comfortable saddle is only one thing that important for both me and Bella. It affects both of our postures and is specially designed to increase our productivity and quality of our ride and time together. Also on the saddle it is quite important for the stirrups to be at the right height for my legs which reduces the strain on my legs. This allows for me to be able to sit comfortably on the saddle which Bella can feel when we are riding together.

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